Ultra marathon training – week 4

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This will be my last blog for a couple of weeks as I’ve completed the first 4 weeks of my first mesocycle and now I will have a recovery week. My body and legs are needing it as I’ve constantly felt tired this week. The first phase of my training schedule was always going to be hard as I haven’t trained 5/6 times a week for some time but I’m pleased to see that it has started to pay dividends.

Monday saw the start of a new Couch to 5km course with 11 people taking part and supported by Phil Neale and Lisa Fletcher. It was a good first session and I was pleased to see I have a hard working group who kept a good pace throughout the whole lesson. I hope everyone turns up next week and we can build upon that first session together.

Tuesday’s club run was my first proper run with club for long time, as I’ve usually been supporting the Bridge to 10k course, and I really enjoyed it. It gave me the opportunity to talk to new members (or new to me) for the first time. I ran with Donna Lancaster for a fair portion of the route and she set a good pace for me on the run. It’s always interesting talking to new people and hearing a little about their background and running – a vice-captain of her old club in Derbyshire in Donna’s case. As for the B210k course, I was pleased to hear that they hit their target of 10km in their final week. Hopefully now they will continue running with the club and take more of a part in the training sessions offered.

The start of the new school term sees Brownies start up again and the dad taxi service in full swing. Hence I dropped Cerys off a little early so I could nip off to the gym for my Wednesday leg session. The weights are becoming easier and will increase a little for the next block of 4 weeks. Quite what the other parents thought of me turning up after a gym session to pick Cerys up I’m not sure…

Thursday was an unplanned day off as other family plans took over, but I’ve always believed that you should give way to these occasions as in truth throughout the year I spend a lot of time coaching, attending courses, training and racing etc. It doesn’t hurt to let others come first from time to time ;o).

And so Friday was a 10k easy run around my normal route. There are a fair few hills involved and I like it as a workout. The short burst of rain was welcome as I ran around.

My parents are caravaning at Kingsbury this week and so on Saturday morning I dragged Cerys out to Parkrun for my 24th time as a volunteer (one more to go !). This time I bribed her with visiting nanny & grandad in their caravan if she behaved herself ! We were at position 7 again to witness one of the cani-cross runners belt around the course at a phenomenal speed and also to see some of the B210k group complete their final weekly runs.

I shall be at Kingsbury again this coming Saturday for my 25th time – Hurray !!!!!

I delayed my turbo session on Saturday to late afternoon in order to have tired legs for my Sunday run. I shaved 4 mins off my time compared to last week and it was during this session I began to feel that I was making progress with my power output increasing significantly.

7.15am Sunday morning came all too quickly as I rose to get a decent breakfast down me. I’ve struggled with a stomach condition ever since my early twenties and need to manage my mornings before I head out anywhere. I needed to be over at Marquis Drive for 9am in order to meet the Cannock Chase Trail Runners for their Sunday run which was to be 16km and a hilly route.

group CC

I was sacrificing a long slow run in order to join up with them but I reckoned the workout would be good and I wanted to learn routes over the Chase. It turned out that one of the group has ran over the Ridgeway (the area for my ultra) for a race so I will be talking to her in future weeks to ask about the route and running conditions.

The session was led by Johnny (purple t-shirt front) and was kept at a 30 min park run type pace. The hills were quite steep and gave a good workout with Strava giving me a ‘well done’ & telling me it was a stronger workout than normal…

trig CC

The group are very friendly and if you want a different run out one Sunday then I would encourage you to give it a go and join them. Look them up on Facebook and go along ! I will probably join them next Sunday for their Castle Ring run. It’s not a formal running club but a group of runners who enjoy running off road together.



This week I have ran 35.7 km and cycled (turbo) 40km with 1 gym session. At the end of the week my weight was 11st 5lbs. A long run sacrificed but a useful recce gained !


It’s my birthday this month so I put in my request for a new head torch from Silva as I may need one for the race in November with the clocks going back on 28th October this year. I’ve also ordered my ear plugs as I’ll be sleeping in communal halls with other runners. I figured I’d start experimenting now to find the most comfortable ones.

See you in two weeks time !


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