Ultra marathon training – week 3

Hi all,

Thanks for the  feedback and suggestions from the last 2 weeks of my blogs, they have been really useful and I’ve started to put them into practice as you’ll see further down in this week’s blog.

Writing up last week’s blog was a bit of a nightmare with all sorts of formatting issues with photographs and apparently well know WordPress issues, but I’ve installed a new widget and hopefully this week will be easier. I also spent more time trying to generally develop and improve the site and added a Strava widget to the front page too. Although I notice it’s a bit slow updating the latest runs etc.

In the last week I booked some time with Mindy, a WordPress support engineer, getting a better knowledge of some of the admin controls. She was really useful and easy to work with on the teleconference -her actual job title is “Happiness Engineer” on her emails. I’m not so sure I’d want that on my CV, but she did a great job !

On Tuesday evening this week I led the  B210k group for the final time and we had the pleasure of a new runner join us. Emily had only recently ran as far as 7km, so I was a bit nervous as I knew the distance I had in store for the group that evening !! However everyone ran the 9km route, with Emily surprising herself I think on what she achieved with the group. The canal paths were laden with resting ducks who promptly darted into the water as we went past or was it the sight of Michael with his teddy bear ?

Michael is currently training for the Bournemouth marathon in early October – good luck !

Next week, of course, is the start of the new Couch to 5k course with around 12 people on Monday nights and that means Tuesday’s will become my 10k blast trying to remain in Z4 for as long as possible. This type of run may not be directly applicable for the race in November but its a good way of improving speed endurance and making sure I don’t slow down too much as I adapt for ultra running.

Wednesday’s leg session saw a crammed gym and that resulted in a bit of stop/start workout but I managed to get most of the routine completed albeit in a longer time frame. Too many people in the gym having a social workout and staring into phones & mirrors…

I had tired legs Thursday morning as I rose at 7am to kick off the pumping of my pool which was in desperate need of maintenance. Two pumps went to work emptying the water to a level that allowed me to catch the fish and put them into temporary bins. By lunchtime the pool was being refilled after laying gravel, cleaning the pump and putting in new light bulbs to kill bacteria. Hence there was no running session on the evening as I decided I’d had enough of a workout that day – it’s surprising how a change of routine doing manual work can take it out of you.

pool drain

I’ve been spending more time this week trying to find other websites, articles & blogs to read on ultra running. It’s surprising hard to find a good quality read, most articles are very short or just contain the same general information. In the end I decided that Run ultra was a good a place as any to read through and I did find some short articles on sports psychology which I’m interested in learning more about.

One of the good suggestions I had last week (Val Lawson) was to try and look for routes on Cannock Chase. Again it proved to be a bit of a frustrating time trying to find anything over 5km, particularly with the recent demise of the WalkJogRun website, but in the end I stumbled across a Facebook group called Cannock Chase Trail Runners. I’ve joined the group and had a quick chat with a few of the admins. Most of the posts seem quite social and friendly; so next Sunday I’m going to join them for a run called “Johnny’s Hilly Run” which starts at Marquis Drive Visitors Centre.

I also found a Facebook group called Ultrarunning Community which seems a larger group and more general but I’ll see what gets posted and if it proves useful.

On Saturday morning I volunteered at Kingsbury Parkrun for the 23rd time (getting closer to that t-shirt) and walked up to position 7 on the summer course which was another new position for me.

selfie owen

It was interesting seeing the novel approaches taken by runners. You could tell who were the Strictly Come Dancing fans with their reverse twisting etc around the cones and I also had to call back one or two who took shortcuts ! I never realised how hard some people find this turn…

Saturday evening was boxing on Sky Sports so I delayed my 40km turbo session until then. I find having sometime to watch during these sessions helps to pass the time. I’m pleased to see my power output (Watts) starting to head in the right direction.

My Sunday long run started at midday this week which wasn’t ideal but I covered 23km and felt a bit stronger towards the end of the run compared to last week. It was another hot one and my 1lt of liquids just about lasted to the end of the run. Zombie missions wouldn’t log in for some reason so no progress on that front this week.


This week I have ran 32.4km and cycled (turbo) 40km with 1 gym session. I have also emptied and refilled one pond ! At the end of the week my weight was 11st 4lbs. Slightly less running than I wanted but I’m sure it won’t make too much difference in the long run.


I’m really looking forward to starting a new C25k course this week and also to next Sunday’s run with a new group over the Chase. I just hope they’re not too much faster than I’m used to. It was great to see a group of Peelers at the GNR this weekend – sadly I didn’t get in, but maybe next year. However my Nottingham half marathon t-shirt and number came through this week and so have that to look forward too in about 4 weeks time.

notts half

I hope you enjoyed the read and if you want to leave any comments then please feel free to do so. I will be at one of the Club runs this week, so hopefully will see some of you there.






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  1. There was a guy in the National Forest Ultra 36miler this weekend from Chase trail runners. So I’m sure you’ll find some like minded souls there, might even get around to joining andand runn with them myself one day!

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