Ultra marathon training – week 2

The start of the week is a rest day for me and being a Bank Holiday we headed over to the Lichfield food festival and met up with my parents to wander through the near 300 food & gin stalls on offer. On days like these you can only ditch the diet and wolf down Dexter beef burgers and helpings of homemade cake !

big cake
Paleo diet down the drain…

At the club run on Tuesday I led the Bridge to 10k group again with an 8km run – a mixture of road and canal paths. You can tell how the evenings are drawing in now and as we came off the canal path for the last couple of km’s back into the Castle Grounds it really was dusk as the street lights came on. The group are doing really well and I think they have benefited from the recovery week, looking overall stronger as they ran.

My mid-week leg session in the gym went better this week, thankfully with not as much DOMS afterwards. It was more squats, Romanian deadlifts and presses etc in order to build leg strength. For my run in July on the Long Mynd I had misread the elevation graphs for the course and ran this profile which was different to what I was expecting in my head !!

Race elevation organisers

Hence this time I’m determined not to get caught out and in addition to more work in the gym I’m doing weekly hill sessions. So on Thursday I decided to miss the club structured session over in Wigginton and see if I could form a hill route near my home as opposed to the hills we normally use nr Hopwas.


I ran around for about 7.5km up & down the various hills but in the end decided they were not aggressive enough, bar one of them. So for next week’s session I’m going to drive over to Hopwas and run there instead.

This week I managed all my planned training and got in the 2nd gym session where I predominately did cross training. 30 mins on the rower, 15 mins on the stepper and then some weights. I really like the Anytime Fitness gym in Tamworth, mostly because it’s open 24/7 and you can just let yourself in when it suits you. I bumped into Malcolm from our running club who was warming down from his workout and enjoyed chatting about his Goa 2019 half marathon. I’d love to do races abroad and maybe in 2019 I’ll look closer at what races appeal the most.

gym thurs

Friday evening also seemed to be very popular with people messaging me about the forthcoming Couch to 5k course and resulted in a couple more people added to the list.

On Saturday morning I headed over to Parkrun to marshall for the 22nd time & took my daughter with me – I’ve volunteered for the next 3 weeks in order to achieve the 25 volunteer mark & t-shirt !!

It was a great start to the weekend and the weather was pretty warm. A new marshalling position for me and a good opportunity to see everyone twice to cheer them on ! Unsurprisingly the canicross runner was significantly ahead of the main field but it was nice see some from the club and also the B210k group too.

park view

Sadly there wont be too many Parkruns in my training plan but I’m determined to get to Parkrun 50 one day. I had bribed my daughter with a bacon sandwich afterwards if she behaved herself, so after the last runner passed us we collected up the markers and walked back towards to cafe picking up any spare signs and plastic markers on the way.

Saturday afternoon saw a quick-ish 30km turbo session whilst watching the football in the conservatory. I’m a big believer  in using cycling to strengthen your running and wish I had the time to do more of it. My legs felt tired at this stage from the gym the night before but I stuck at it as tired legs are something I will have to deal with during my race.

Sunday morning is of course a long slow run and time to practice the 25/5 approach and the use of my poles. I used the same route as last week but ran a longer 20km distance. The hot weather is great for the most part but not for running !! I got through my 1lt of liquid pretty easily but didn’t run out entirely.

canal view
A very different view from last week !

There were more people out on the canal paths this week and also out in the fields.

canal farmer

Use of the poles is getting easier and whilst I like using this canal path for the change of surfaces and the long uneven sections I will have to use more challenging terrain in my second mesocycle of the training plan (meso – what did he just say ?). I decided this week to take the opportunity to try out some new headphones on the run and also get through a couple of Zombie run missions too. I like the storylines in the main missions but also the humour in the radio show on Radio Abel hosted by Jack & Eugene.


This week I have ran 37.8km and cycled (turbo) 30km with 2 gyms session. At the end of the week my weight was 11st 6lbs which is not surprising given the amount of food and drink I’ve ploughed through this week – a more disciplined approach is needed going forward !! I really need to stick more to the version of paleo diet I like to follow. Less alcohol and more lemon ginger green tea is probably in order too !


That’s all for this week, I hope you enjoyed the read and if you want to leave any comments then please feel free to do so. I will be at the Club run on Tues to take the Bridge to 10k group for their 8.5km run, so hopefully will see some of you there.

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