Cathedral to Castle – Post Race Recovery week

Hi all,

How was your race ? Everything you hoped it would be ? Pleased with your time and how things went ? I really liked the route and will enter the 2019 race.

For many of you it wasn’t your first race but probably the longest distance race you’ve done to date, which means you get an instant PB to record on Strava (10 mile distance) !!

If you want to know your official race time then click HERE


So what happens next ? A couple of easy runs and then straight back into training ? Sod it all and slob for the next few weeks ?

Actually now is the time you need to recover properly as you are most prone to injury after a long distance race and weeks of training.

I thought training had stopped !!!!

As a general rule, for every mile you ran in the race you need a day of recovery. This was a 10 mile race so your recovery period should be 10 days.

During training you have Overloaded your body (i.e. constantly pushed out your distances and weekly running volume) and now it needs to recover.

The reason it’s a general rule is that someone in their 20’s is going to recover faster than someone in their 60’s. It also can depend on how you ran the race – was it full on race pace to smash a PB or did you jog your way through the race and complete it ?

Here is a short article on recovery for you to read HERE – it’s a bit American and has ‘feelings’ in the middle of the article but overall it’s not a bad account of why recovery is important. Don’t think that because you didn’t run a marathon that recovery doesn’t apply to you !

What do I need to do for the next 10 days ??

The next 10 days are going to be a reverse of your taper period.

On Tues (10th April) at the Peel Club run – don’t go to this !! Go for gentle walk instead for 30 mins.

On Thurs (12th April) at the Peel Club structured run – don’t do this session !!!

Do a 5km easy run instead. No hill work or speed work. Do you all want to meet up and run together ? Post on the Intermediate Facebook page and agree a time when/where you want to meet up.

On Sunday (15th April) – go for an 8km easy run

You’re not going to lose any significant fitness levels during this period.

On the following Tues club run (17th April)

Choose the 8km route and run at tempo (Z3) pace. This will represent the end of your recovery period ! Listen to your body, if it still aches and feels tired then you may need to take it easier for a few days more.

What have you learnt during this 9 week course ?

During this course you have been introduced to the following concepts :-

  • The 10% rule – a safe way of increasing weekly volume and distances in training
  • Following a training plan and adapting it if Life throws a spanner in the works
  • Heart rates – Z1 through to Z5
  • Running at different efforts for your runs instead of always running at the same pace e.g. the importance of slow runs on a Sunday
  • Running on different surfaces in training
  • Preparation for race day
  • Tapering
  • Overloading & Post Race Recovery

Personal Stats

In my taper week I ran 10.6km and I biked 18.3km and raced at a weight of 11st 9lbs which was heavier than I wanted !

My race time was 1hr 26mins which was better than the 1hr 30min target I had set for myself so I can’t complain. I’m now have one last run to do with the C210k course on Monday night and then I’m taking a week off to allow my left ankle to properly recover.

My next race is the Lichfield Half marathon on 6th of May in 4 weeks time. So one week off, train for 2 weeks and taper for one week !!!!!!!!

Even scarier is my trail marathon which is now 11 weeks away – the weekend long runs just keep getting longer from now on…If you want to join me (in part) then let me know.

And finally

How has this course been for you ? If you have any feedback as to how being ‘Virtually’ Coached has been then please do let me know.

Of course the mandatory thing for all runners is to jump onto your favourite website, Runners World or Run Britain and find your next race. You’re just 5k away from a half marathon !

If you have any questions the post them on the Intermediate Facebook page so that everyone can see the Q&A. If you want to PM me direct then you can do that too.


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