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Hi all,

Did you have a good final week of training ? Taper week is here !!!!

You have ran 116km as part of your 8 week course and now is the time to do things a little differently. In the last week your target volume was 34km with a long run of 16km.


Why do we taper ?

Tapering may be more typically associated with marathons and the length of time you choose to taper really depends on the distance of the race you are doing.

Here is a good article below that won’t take too long to read. Bear in mind it is focussed on a marathon and tapering for that starts 3 weeks out. But read it all the same as the advice for the last week before the race can apply to you and there is also a section at the end for shorter races. Just don’t pay too much attention to the advice for weeks 1 & 2 for the tapering period and try to apply it to your situation.

Have  a read of this.

What do I need to do this week ?

On Tues at the Peel Club run you need to run 8km.  If you are behind in your training then there is probably enough recovery time for you to do a 10km run if needed.

You should run this at a tempo pace or Z3 into Z4 (hard).

On Thurs at the Peel Club structured run – don’t do this session !!!

Do a 5km easy run instead to help keep the legs turning over. No hill work & no speed work needed. Do you all want to meet up and run together ? Post on the Intermediate Facebook page and agree a time when/where you want to meet up.

Friday and Saturday are rest up days.

Use the time to get organised for race day ! Ease up and get to bed ! Tell the other half in advance that you need to rest and let them do the chores or just leave them. Sitting on your @rse with your legs up is an important part of running training – just call it passive training !!

Remember that for most of you this will be the furthest you have ever ran and it will be at race pace. The weather forecast (at the moment) is for 15c which is significantly warmer than you have been used to running in. So let’s see what happens in reality but do think about what you are going to wear and how to stay hydrated.

Personal Stats

My mileage this week was 27.4km running  and 20km cycling. I ran for a total of 2hrs 45 mins. I had to mix up my training week as I injured my ankle at my son’s birthday party. Thankfully it hasn’t been too serious.

I had a great 16km run this Sunday morning (8.30am for a change) with Dave Fern’s regular group – if you don’t want to lose your hard earned fitness levels then consider joining them on a Sunday morning at 9am from The Wigginton Pub. It’s a very accommodating group so don’t be nervous about running with them. For me it was an opportunity to test out running earlier than normal and my race day breakfast routine.

My runs this week will be Monday (recovery run with the B210k group)  and Wednesday as its half term and I’m having some time off with the kids. I may do a short turbo session on Friday if I need to at an easy pace.

And finally

There will be a final wrap up blog next Sunday evening which will cover the things that you have hopefully learnt over this course and if you have any feedback as to how being ‘Virtually’ Coached has been then please do let me know.

If you have any questions the post them on the Intermediate Facebook page so that everyone can see the Q&A. If you want to PM me direct then you can do that too.

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I'm a local running coach (Lirf & FLirf) who started running around 7 years ago and branched into Triathlon and now off-road marathons. This year I've decided to have a go at an Ultra-Marathon multi day event !

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