Cathedral to Castle week 7 – Return of the Beast 2.0

Hi all,

A mixed week going from 12c temperatures and sunshine to snow and wind chill temperatures of -8c ! However most of of you got a couple of solid runs in leading up to the weekend.


I missed doing my long run on Sunday so resorted to a change of tactics and did a 40km turbo session in my conservatory instead. Not as good as my planned 14km run but needs must. I know Christie resorted to watching 1hr 18m of Friends episodes on a treadmill and as I type Lisa is getting the treadmill out at her home.

Inevitably getting the bike set up in the conservatory attracted unwanted attention…


As a reminder of the course here is the picture from Week 1 if you’re not sure of what the week ahead holds. I know Lisa was asking this week what the runs  were.

c2c training plan

There are only 3 weeks to go and 2 long runs left…

The race will start at 9am on the Sunday which is something to think about – are you ready to run 17km at that time in the morning ? Start planning your race morning now and maybe run your last long runs at 9am so that you are not out of routine on race day.

Here is a useful link to have a quick read of  to help you. It talks about how to prepare for race day.

Next week I will write down a short timetable with as much information about the day as I can find. There is also a dedicated Facebook page for the event to have a look at if you haven’t done so to date.

What do I need to do this week ?

On Tues at the Peel Club run you need to run 10km. So by all means do the short run but if you get to the end of the run with the club and you have only done 7.2km then you need to carry on running to hit 10km.

You should run this at a tempo pace or Z3 into Z4 (hard).

On Thurs at the Peel Club structured run make sure you cover 8km. I have not set a heart zone here as it really depends on what the session is.  Again run extra at the end if you need more KM’s.

At the weekend you need a 14km run to finish off the week but it needs to be an easier pace at Z2. You would surprised how little effort this takes and your watches can help you from putting too much effort into the run. Now is a good time to concentrate on your running form – head, shoulders, breathing, arms, knees and cadence etc.

Over the next 2 weeks your mileage will continue to increase significantly and in particular your weekend runs – make sure you get them in. Use them to good effect and think about your hydration and nutrition needs. Run at the race time of 9am if you can.


Personal Stats

My mileage this week was 28km running and 40km cycling and I ran for a total of 2hrs 50 mins. This coming weekend I have my son’s birthday and an Athletics England training course to attend just north of Sheffield, so I need to fit in all my running by 10am Saturday morning !! Eeek !!!

Of course next weekend will be  busy/special for other reasons for one of our group. Sorry I can’t attend your evening reception Emily, but I hope you have a lovely day and everyone enjoys meeting up afterwards.

If you have any questions the post them on the Intermediate Facebook page so that everyone can see the Q&A. If you want to PM me direct then you can do that too.



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