Cathedral to Castle week 5 Winter edition

Hi all – how have you enjoyed the snow this week ?

Looking at the Strava stats, most of of you have hibernated this week and given the temps and snow I can’t blame you. I only got out for some short runs just to keep my legs ticking over.


The rest of the time I just played in the snow with my kids !

snow angel

So what to do now ? Straight onto week 5 training right ?

Well there is no straight answer to that as it’s very much down to the individual. One thing you mustn’t do is somehow cram extra runs into your week to make up for lost volume, as that leads to overtraining and your body wont have the time to recover before the next run.

Generally speaking your body won’t have lost fitness because it hasn’t ran for 7 days. You might feel sluggish on the first run back as you’ve been out of routine.

For most of you, since you have been running in excess of the weekly volume you should be able to move onto week 5. Just be mindful of not doing any excess volume this week.

There are a couple of you that would probably benefit from doing week 4 this forthcoming week as you have been below the volumes on the plan. Oh dear, how do I make up lost time ??????

Well you have 2 options – the first option is that you don’t make up for lost time and as a result you end up at 14km which means on race day you have to make up 3km. To be honest, most runners will dig in and find the way to do that if you have been running regularly. You still need to taper the week before but you could do one last 10km hard run on the Tues (instead of 8km tempo) and then use the rest of the week to ease off and recover.

The other option if your going to do week 4 this week is to use your judgement on the Sunday long runs. You will notice that the Tues/Thurs runs are the same now for the rest of the course (weeks 5-8) and so over the remaining weeks, if you’re legs are feeling up to it, you can add half a KM or 1km to the Sunday run in order to catch up. This could result in finishing the course at 15/16km and be closer to the race distance.

It’s overtraining a touch using this approach and you have to be honest with yourself as to how your body and legs are coping.

Week 4 could be 9,8,10km   Week 5 becomes 10,8,11km    Week 6 becomes 10,8,13km

Week 7 becomes 10,8,15km and then taper as there is no week 8 for you.

The main thing is not to stress about it – you still have plenty of time to make the 17km.

If you have any questions the post them on the Intermediate Facebook page so that everyone can see the Q&A. If you want to PM me direct then you can do that too.




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