Cathedral to Castle week 4

Hi all – how have you found things this week ?

Half term usually means a new routine with kids at home and I certainly needed to change things around this week but managed to get two good 10km runs in on Weds & Fri.

Most of you seem on track with the plan this week and by the end of this forthcoming week you will be halfway through the plan.

The target was 24km in total for the last week – for those of you that are in excess of this remember the 10% rule and the dangers of breaking it.

Can you run more than 10% ? Well that depends on how comfortable you are with your current volume. You may have noticed that my Sunday runs have generally been way in advance of the C2C plan but that’s because I’m building up to a marathon and I know from previously building up to half & full marathons what my body will take and where the pain points will be for me. If you don’t have this past data or experience available to you then making sudden jumps in volume carries the risk of injury.



This week a new toy turned up which I’m still tinkering with and haven’t fully set up – the heart rate zones are suddenly out of kilter and I need to spend time getting them in line with my Strava settings. Otherwise the Garmin Forerunner 235 seems a pretty good running watch.


I’ve also dug out my Nathan water bottle as I will soon be hitting 20km on Sunday’s and my little water bottle isn’t quite enough. I used it on my first half marathon (2013) and it’s really comfortable around the waist. Just a bit of practice needed getting the bottle out and back in the holder.


What do I need to do this week ?

Your weekly target this week is 26km.

On Tues at the Peel Club run you need to run 9km. So by all means do the short run but if you get to the end of the run with the club and you have only done 7.2km them you need to carry on running to hit 9km.

You should run this at a tempo pace or Z3 into Z4 (hard).

On Thurs at the Peel Club structured run make sure you cover 8km. I have not set a heart zone here as it really depends on what the session is.  Again run extra at the end if you need more KM’s.

At the weekend you need a 9km run to finish off the week but it needs to be an easier pace at Z2. You would surprised how little effort this takes and your watches can help you from putting too much effort into the run. Now is a good time to concentrate on your running form – head, shoulders, breathing, arms, knees and cadence etc.

Final points

I will be at the club run this week on Tuesday and will need to get a solid 10km run in. So if anyone wants to join me then let me know. The beginners are now doing 28min runs this week so if you want to join us then please come along !

Personal stats

My mileage this week was 36.8km and I ran for a total of 3hrs 58mins.

I’ve also maintained my weight, despite ditching the fish n chip shop at lunch time this week – ho hum…

My long run this Sunday was cut down to 12km. Having 2 kids at home this week meant catching their germs, so I decided to listen to my body and just go for an easy run heading back home when my legs/body told me no more.

I’ve started my running plan early for my June marathon and still have 17 weeks to go so no need to panic over the loss of volume for this week.

I’m also looking beyond the summer holidays and toying with this in November – another daft idea but I need to speak to the organisers to better understand all the arrangements.

If you have any questions the post them on the Intermediate Facebook page so that everyone can see the Q&A. If you want to PM me direct then you can do that too.

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I'm a local running coach (Lirf & FLirf) who started running around 7 years ago and branched into Triathlon and now off-road marathons. This year I've decided to have a go at an Ultra-Marathon multi day event !

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