Cathedral to Castle week 3

Hi all – how was your week ?

Your target was 23km and I see most achieving that and some well in excess !! If you’re not managing to find time then perhaps consider teaming up with others who are also finding it hard and see if you can support one another. Hopefully half-term presents some of you with time off and maybe a different routine !


What do I need to do this week ?

Your weekly target this week is 24km.

On Tues at the Peel Club run you need to run 8km. So by all means do the short run but if you get to the end of the run with the club and you have only done 7.2km them you need to carry on running to hit 8km.

You should run this at a tempo pace or Z3 into Z4 (hard).

On Thurs at the Peel Club structured run make sure you cover 8km. I have not set a heart zone here as it really depends on what the session is.  Again run extra at the end if you need more KM’s.

At the weekend you need a 8km run to finish off the week but it needs to be an easier pace at Z2. You would surprised how little effort this takes and your watches can help you from putting too much effort into the run. Now is a good time to concentrate on your running form – head, shoulders, breathing, arms, knees and cadence etc.

Final points

I will be at the club run this week on Thursday but will need to get a solid 10km run in. So if anyone wants to join me then let me know. The beginners are now doing 25min runs this week so if you run down, run with the beginners and then run back it can all add up !

There is also the last cross-country race of the season next Sunday at 11am which will be about 8km and is a good opportunity for a good work-out !

Personal stats

My mileage this week was 40.7km and I ran for a total of 4hrs 46mins.

I’ve also maintaining my weight as opposed to losing any so I’m making a concerted effort to ditch the fish n chip shop at lunch time this week and eat more healthily !

My long run this Sunday was again at Kingsbury and I ran at a pace that would give me a 5hr marathon pace which would be a PB in June for my 2nd trail marathon. Afterwards of course I rewarded myself …


If you have any questions the post them on the Intermediate Facebook page so that everyone can see the Q&A. If you want to PM me direct then you can do that too.

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I'm a local running coach (Lirf & FLirf) who started running around 7 years ago and branched into Triathlon and now off-road marathons. This year I've decided to have a go at an Ultra-Marathon multi day event !

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