Cathedral to Castle week 1

Hi all, as Facebook is not always the easiest forum to write long posts I thought I would create a WordPress site for the runners who are participating in this course. I’m very new to WordPress so hopefully it will improve as a site over time.

Here is your overall plan.

c2c training plan

This week you need to run a total of 22km. The principles are similar to your 10km course where you can be a little flexible where the distance of each run is concerned as long as you hit the overall weekly total.

Hopefully you have had a look at your heart rate feature on your Garmin watches, if they have one, as it will be useful in your training.

I have a Garmin 910XT and to get to the heart rate zones and set the alerts I have to press MODE, select TRAINING, select RUN ALERTS and finally HR ALERT. This takes me to a screen where I can select, for example, Z2 as the lowest I want my heart rate to be at and also select Z3 as the highest I want my heart rate to rise to.


So as an example on a Sunday run which should be at Z2, my watch will beep at me if I’m going too slow and also shout at me if I start putting too much effort in and causing my heart rate to rise too high.

If you are able to stick to the plan and also the heart rates zones it will be of real benefit to you but if not then you will still be able to run the distance at the end of the course.

What do I need to do this week ?

On Tues at the Peel Club run you need to run 8km. So by all means do the short run but if you get to the end of the run with the club and you have only done 7.2km them you need to carry on running to hit 8km or make it up later. I would suggest for this run to carry on running. A lot of the Peelers do this sort of thing anyway to make up a distance so it nothing new to see people doing this. By doing more run backs you can make up the distance too.

You should run this at a tempo pace or Z3 into Z4.

On Thurs at the Peel Club structured run make sure you cover 8km. I have not set a heart zone here as it really depends on what the session is.  Again run extra at the end if you need more KM’s.

At the weekend you need a 6km run to finish off the week but it needs to be an easier pace at Z2. You would surprised how little effort this takes and your watches can help you from putting too much effort into the run. Now is a good time to concentrate on your running form – head, shoulders, breathing, arms, knees and cadence etc.

Try and vary your running surfaces. At the moment I’m doing my Sunday runs at Kingsbury Water Park on a trail surface rather than on concrete. It all helps when you are pushing out your distances and weekly mileage.

At some point I will need to leave KWP and use a route that has more hills in it but for now I’m really enjoying running there.

Final points

I’m in London on Tues & Weds this week and I’m looking after the kids on Thurs. It’s pretty much the same routine the week after. Hence you won’t see a lot of me and my runs will be at different times initially. I will do my Tues run on Mon by running down to the C25k course and then running back afterwards. I will get my second run at some other weird time during the week. Probably on the Friday night with the C25k course as they do their first 20min run. So another run down to the Snowdome, run 20mins with the beginners and then run home for a beer !!

I also have a triathlon to train for so I’ll be building into my weekly routine some turbo sessions and eventually bike rides on a Sat. Overall though, I will use this course to get fitter again as I have one eye on the Lichfield half marathon which is why my weekend runs will have to be longer.

Personal Stats

My mileage this week was 23.8km and I ran for a total of 2hrs 48mins. My weight is 11st 10 which is the lowest its been for a while. I need to lose a lot more if I’m going to squeeze into my spandex romper suit (or Tri suit as its properly called) for the April BRAT triathlon !

If you have any questions the post them on the Intermediate Facebook page so that everyone can see the Q&A. If you want to PM me direct then you can do that too.



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